Sun Hats & Beach Totes: Perfect Accessories to Style Your Summer Beach Look!

Summer is right around the corner & swimsuit season will be in full bloom! Why not complete your beach look with the perfect accessories! Seek out a sun hat & handbag duo that are sure to fit both your style and personality & let the sunshine in! Here are a few fun accessories to bring a little fun to the beach!

The Hot Pink Wide Rim Straw Summer Hat is so pretty in pink…& white! Why not let your inner Barbie shine! It’s perfectly fine to bring your glamour girl style to the beach, all wrapped up with a pretty sheer bow!

The Floppy Straw Sun Hat & Tote Set with UPF 50+ Sun Protection is available in fuchsia & beige, plus an array of other colors & are quite the stylish pair!

The Light Coffee, Straw, Wide Brim Beach Hat with a Bow is a fancy way to show off your super girlie style, plus, the neutral color will go with whatever you’re wearing!

The Rainbow Straw Sun Hat & Handbag Set as well as the Multi-Color Trim Straw Sun Hat & Handbag Set are quite the colorful duo & will brighten your beach day!

This Floppy Wide Brim Navy & White Sun Hat is quite the stunner with it’s bold navy trim!

Looking for a hat with personality plus? The Hello Sunshine Straw Sun Hat & Mermaid At Heart Straw Sun Hat are sure to make you smile as well as make a statement on the beach! If you’re feeling a bit creative, why not add your personal stamp & create & customize your own saying on a floppy straw sun hat! Your saying is sure to be unique & all your own!

Why not go ahead and be a little extra with the XL Sun Hat, which will not only keep you looking chic, but will shield you from the sun in a very glamorous way! Score!

Thanks for stopping by, stay stylish & I’ll see you next time!

Style Dr.

Showstopper: Statement Tassel Earrings!

While out shopping the other day, I noticed the cutest tassel earrings! The tassel look definitely caught my eye and seemed to be at every turn as well as in plenty of stores! When I returned home, I was inspired to find the most unique and colorful tassel earrings that I could find online & attach them to this post! Prepare to be tassled… I mean dazzled! Haha! Enjoy making a statement with these show-stopping earrings!

The Rebecca Minkoff Tassel & Pom Drama Chandelier Earrings bring the party to your ears in all of its tribal vibe glory! The earrings are incredibly dramatic and the color combination is quite unexpected, which makes them quite unique!

The Panacea Tassel Statement Hoop Earrings are a dainty pair of perfection! I love how the earring starts out as a hoop and gets festive at the bottom with the tassels in a colorful trio!

These gorgeous tassel drop earrings are definitely dramatic with embroidery at the top and well balanced with the bold cobalt color tassels! The earrings are sure to make a statement and stand out from the crowd!

The Kate Spade Tassel Statement Silk Earrings are quite the conversation starter and meant to be worn to spice up the day or a fun event that you’ll attend! They’re like a celebration for your ears with the bold color combination as well as tassel and multi-colored beading! Score!

The Mango Tassel Earrings are unique in shape and seem to inspire a second glance, it’s all about the subtle details!

The Rebecca Minkoff Gold Turquoise Geo Tassel Chandelier Earrings are a gorgeous metal and tassel combo, which inspire an otherworldly, well-traveled vibe! Suddenly India and Thailand come to mind!

These vintage statement black tassel drop dangle earrings are a both beautiful and elegant, yet allowing the tassels to bring on the fun! Haha!

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Style Dr.