Love Story: 16 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her!

Cheers to Friday, the weekend is here & Valentine’s Day is near! Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to express your love for either your friends, parents, significant others, pets or even yourself! Why not gift yourself, you’re worth it! Haha! While deciding on a gift, a great gift giver knows that the best gifts are the ones that reflect the person, their hobby, something they’re passionate about or perhaps something that you’ve heard them mention that they love or want! Basically, a great gift shows that you’ve been paying attention to them; know their likes and dislikes! Score! Here are a few Valentine’s Day personal stories & gifts I have personally selected to get your gift giving imagination flowing! Enjoy!

GLITZ & GLAMOUR: The Rhinestone Statement Necklace is a great way to make your Valentine sparkle & ! A statement necklace adds a bit of glamour to whatever you’re wearing & definitely takes it up a notch! Some of my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts have been jewelry at different price points. Whether they were diamonds, tribal or fashion jewelry, the unique ones stood out the most, no matter what the price!;) Be sure to check out Inspirational Jewelry & Gifts for more ideas!

EXOTIC FLOWERS: The Benchmark Bouquets Signature Rosess & Alstroemeria with vase is a gorgeous & unique floral arrangement! I am always in awe and surprised when I receive flowers on Valentine’s Day, especially when they’re an unexpected & exotic combination! I love flowers & they absolutely make my day! Imagine hearing a knock on the door and your Valentine or the delivery guy surprising you with a gorgeous flower delivery! Even better, on several occasions, the delivery guy was instructed to surprise me with one floral arrangement and five minutes later, knock on the door with another set of flowers! Unique, right? And perfectly timed! Score!

DESSERT: The 12 Love Berries Chocolate Covered Strawberries is a yummy treat to give on Valentine’s Day! Imagine every delicious bite of each chocolate covered strawberry…yum! On Valentine’s Day I have been surprised with fruit arrangements from the unique Edible Arrangements, delicious Sprinkles Cupcakes which spelled out a message and even received an oversized, larger than life, Hershey’s bar with a funny note attached “To My Hot Chocolate!” Haha! Be creative with your chocolate gifts…fun!

HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR: I am absolutely in love with these glamorous robes! Why not gift a pretty robe to grace the body of your Valentine in all of it’s floral glory! Some of the robes are even hand painted which makes them quite the unique & one of a kind gift! 1. Blush Rose Gun Metal Watercolor Floral Robe. 2. Crane Teal Handpainted Silk Kimono Long Robe. 3. Cherry Blossom White Handpainted Silk Kimono Long Robe. 4. Peacock Feather Black Old Shanghai Kimono Watercolor Long Robe.

The back of the gorgeous robes are just as beautiful! *Sigh!* When I received a cozy robe as a gift, I was incredibly excited, because the thought of someone wanting to keep me cozy warm is sweet bliss! PS Be sure to check out Glamour Girl Gifts for Under $25!

LUXURIOUS MOOD: The Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Home Candle and/or Jo Malone™ ‘Lime Basil & Mandarin’ Scent Surround™ Diffuser are luxury scents to excite the senses, your Valentine will be impressed! Whenever I’m gifted with candles, it’s sweet bliss for me as candles are the most wonderful way to delight the senses each time you light them; it like a series of gifts wrapped into one! Score!

COLORFUL SURPRISE: The Deborah Lippmann I’ve Gotta Be Me 15th Anniversary 6 Piece Nail Lacquer Set is a colorful way to surprise your Valentine! In case you want to go one step further, why not gift the highly pigmented Christian Louboutin Nail Colour – Very Prive! The stiletto bottle topper alone will leave you speechless, like the actual high heels! While I have never been gifted nail polish, though I absolutely love collecting pretty nail polish colors, I have received gift cards to the nail salon & spa! As we all know, glamour girls like to keep our nails on point, whether we polish them ourselves or go to the salon!

SCENT-SATIONAL: The Viktor & Rolf FlowerBomb, Angel & Hanae Mori perfumes are wonderful and I happen to have them all! All of the scents are incredibly feminine and soft! I get plenty of compliments whenever I wear them! Imagine the stories of what a scent can create! My first whiff of FlowerBomb was at a birthday party & a hair stylist wore the scent! I had to know the name of the perfume and to my surprise, later on relayed the story to a friend & was gifted the scent! I was first introduced to Angel when I first moved to Los Angeles, CA! My roommate had the scent and I was floored and had to have it. I went to the store and purchased it; my first luxury perfume purchase & I still love it today! Hanae Mori had me at hello while trying different scents at Nordstrom at The Grove and I took a sample home! Later on, I was gifted the lotion, fragrance & bath gel as a gift from my Mom when I was home for Christmas one year! She’s always on top of beauty must-haves! She also introduced me to the Jo Malone beauty products!

BOOK LOVERS: The Great Gatsby, Jane Austen (Seven Novels) & Love Letters of Great Men are wonderful books to give on Valentine’s Day, especially for the book lover in your life with a romantic heart! I first read The Great Gatsby & completely fell in love with the book after checking it out at my local library! I purchased my own copy afterwards, which I cherish & is now one of my favorite books! A photographer friend gifted me with this very edition of Jane Austen Seven Novels and I was beyond excited, because Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors, plus the book has such a beautiful cover! Love Letters of Great Men piqued my interest while watching Sex and the City movie! The book includes some of history’s most romantic letters from the private papers of Beethoven, Mark Twain, Mozart, and Lord Byron! Be sure to check out Book Lover Gift Inspiration for more bookish ideas!

INDULGE: The Exquisite Arrangements Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket is perfect for the milk chocolate lover in your life! If you’re a chocoholic like me, chocolate is ALWAYS a great idea!

SEXY & SWEET: The Wine Red Pajamas Short Set, Black Satin Pajamas Short Sets & Coffee PJ Shorts Set are a great combination of sexy & sweet! Why not have the best of both worlds for your Valentine! While my sheets are personally the best PJs for me, these sets are so adorable!

WARM UP: The Ugg Australia Sparkle Cable Knit Socks with Poms are so cute, comfy & the side poms are completely adorable! Whenever I wear cute, colorful and cozy socks, I cannot help but smile inside…what a comfy way to keep warm!

OVER THE KNEE: The Stuart Weitzman over the knee highland suede boots (on the left) are the hottest boots of the season! The Steve Madden suede boots (on the right) are nearly identical & at a budget price! Score! I’m always excited to wear my over the knee boots, the ones with buckles and the others that lace up, mainly with cute skinny jeans & once in a blue moon, with a dress! I always feel incredibly sexy and it adds so much style to a look, such a statement piece & quite the conversation starter!

ALL-NATURAL: The Scented Vegan All Natural Bath Bomb Gift Set and the All Natural Beach Bath Bomb Gift Set are a great way to give the gift of relaxation and total bliss as each bath bomb fizzles and turns your Valentine’s bath into an intoxicating experience!  Breathe in…ahhh! Whenever I use a bath bomb, it’s like a fun surprise as each one spins into the water, changing the color and releasing the intoxicating as well as relaxing scent! Bath bombs are a great way to make a bath even more enjoyable!

PICTURE PERFECT: The Pink Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera is perfect for the Valentine who loves to take photos & the color of the camera is so pretty & feminine! Imagine the instant gratification of your Valentine getting each polaroid right away, after every click! Score! As someone who takes plenty of photos wherever I go, trust me, what a great gift!

MUSIC TO MY EARS: Rose gold is the color of the moment, especially for the glamour girl! The Rose Gold Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with 3.5mm Audio-out Jack or if you want to upgrade to the Rose Gold Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones are a great way to keep your Fashionista Valentine right on trend! While watching a YouTube fashion haul, one of the vloggers showcased her white pearl earbuds & I had to have them, so cute & super girlie! I still have them & I absolutely love them! They are quite the conversation piece on flights!

CHEERS TO VALENTINE’S DAY: The Ravishing Reds Wine Gift Set includes 2 red wines, two 9 oz stemless Naked Winery logo wine glasses & one bar of Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate or maybe you prefer a smaller gift set of one red wine bottle & 2 wine glasses along with a chocolate bar included in the Wild Ride Cabernet Red Wine Gift Set. Wine & chocolate go hand in hand! Score! I can always appreciate an amazing glass of red wine with a delicious meal on Valentine’s Day!

While gifts are one of the ways to express your love on Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of other romantic ways to show you care! Over the years, I’ve been giving the most beautiful hand-written love letters, received home-cooked meals as well as simply spent quality time together on Valentine’s Day, which are all definitely priceless experiences! Whether it’s going out for dinner and a movie, staying in or simply telling someone how you truly feel, be sure to relax, be creative and most of all, just be you when gift giving! Your gift will shine simply because it’s from you! Imagine that! 😉

Thanks for stopping by…until next time!

PS In case your mind is still racing with what to get your Valentine, why not make her a paper crown or buy her a leather crown (with silk interior) to let her know that she’s your Princess or Queen of the Castle! Haha! Rule on!

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Motivational: 15 Inspirational & Stylish Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day!

Happy Monday & Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day! I recently read the highly inspirational book, Do The Kind Thing: Think Boundlessly, Work Purposefully, Live Passionately by the founder of KIND healthy snacks, Daniel Lubetzky. I had a delicious dark chocolate nuts and sea salt KIND bar on a recent flight home from the holidays, which rocked my world, because it’s so flavorful as well as healthy at the same time. I was first introduced to KIND bars when my friend sent me a few free bars via email  as the brand was practicing one of their KIND strategies of introducing others to the bars. Once the KIND bars arrived into my mailbox, I was immediately addicted & loved the flavors. I was inspired to know more about the brand & why it’s called KIND; I read the book and loved the theme throughout to simply be “KIND.” Imagine for a moment how one kind act can truly have a huge impact on someone’s life, it’s really easy to do and for many, kindness is a part of their everyday life. Have you ever noticed that a simple smile, compliment or kind words can truly make a difference in someone’s day? Why not brighten someone’s day simple for the fun of it by gifting them with an inspirational book, jewelry with an inspirational quote or an accessory with a wonderful quote to remind them of how fabulous they truly are as a constant reminder! I have selected a few of my favorite inspirational items to spread kindness.

The “You are Braver than you Believe Stronger than you Seem and Smarter than you Think” Cuff Bangle Bracelet is not only gorgeous in rose gold, but a great way to spread words of encouragement to someone!

The colorful Multi-Tone Inspirational Words Stretch Bracelet is a great reminder of wonderful traits to have as well as an immediate pick me upper! This bracelet also comes in silver!

You’re Braver Stronger Smarter than you think Inspirational Bracelet Expandable Bangle can truly brighten someone’s day & a reminder of how fabulous they truly are!

The silver stamped “You are braver than you believe..” inspirational bracelet with black leather strap is a more casual look to remind someone of the many possibilities of what is yet to become when they BELIEVE in themselves!

The Secret book & THE Secret DVD are wonderful ways to remind yourself to FOCUS on being in the attitude of gratitude and how magical life can be once you ARE GRATEFUL! I personally love The Secret book and DVD and have given away copies as gifts!

The stamped “You are loved You are valued You are beautiful” leather inspirational bracelet is a wonderful way to remind someone of how much they are truly LOVED!

The Everything I Need To Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book is the cutest lightweight inspirational book. I first spotted the book while browsing the shelves at the library and I had to check it out. I enjoyed flipping through the colorful illustrated pages filled with motivational messages as a simple reminder to enjoy life and reminds me of the childhood storybooks I used to read and love. While you’re at it, why not try Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Disney Little Golden Book! Everyone loves Disney! After all, Disney is known as the happiest place on earth! Score!

The Quotable Mug – Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself. Life is About Creating Yourself is highly motivational. Why not drink in a cup full of inspiration, it’s the best kind! As someone who absolutely loves and collects coffee mugs, though I only drink tea, it makes a great gift to inspire following your dreams!

The Think Happy: Instant Peptalks to Boost Positivity is a great way to bring a little sunshine into the life of someone who may need it as well as to inspire positive thoughts to an even brighter life!

The Quotable Go Confidently Mug is at home in one of my cabinets! I love this mug, such a great way to live life! As someone who is an entrepreneur and quite the social butterfly, I feel that this coffee / tea mug really speaks to me in the way that I live my life! It’s a great reminder to live life ‘o the fullest!:) Score!

The The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration is a great way to write down your thoughts. I’m all about to-do lists and it thrills me each day to check off things I’ve accomplished throughout the day! This book will help you to write down and prompt you to showcase your creativity, sounds fun!

The 365 Best Inspirational Quotes: Daily Motivation For Your Best Year Ever is a great way to stay inspired! I personally love to read and keep a notebook of my favorite quotes from many books that I’ve read over the years! There’s just something about writing down a positive / inspirational quote that seems to make it stick with you more!

The You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life speaks for itself and at times, you may need a reminder; this book rocks!

The Words of Wisdom Keepsake Inspiration Quote Box is fun for your office desk, to put on a coffee table at home or wherever you may seem fit to keep you inspired as you read through the quotes on 80 cards! Score!

The You Are Doing a Freaking Great Job: And Other Reminders of Your Awesomeness is bursting with great energy! Why not gift this to someone to let them know that you appreciate them! I promise, it will brighten their day! Score!

Thanks for stopping by & I’ll see you next time!

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Style Dr. : What To Wear on Valentine’s Day!

Cheers to the weekend! Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is officially one month away as of today? I absolutely love holidays; this post is filled with fun pieces to wear so that you can showcase & celebrate Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single, in a relationship, going on a date or simply having a Girls’ Night In or Out, I have created a variety of spirited Valentine’s Day style sets! I can always appreciate a holiday that is all about love, including: love of self, love of friends, love of family, love of your significant other and why not spread the joy for the love of your pets! There is so much to love; plenty to celebrate on Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!
Pink is an incredibly popular color for Valentine’s Day! No need to dress from head to toe in pink, unless you really want to! Why not add one of these unique & edgy pink pieces to be Pretty In Pink! After all, style is about expressing who you are, how you’re feeling and sometimes it’s that one single accessory or piece that makes your style stand out from the rest!

Pink Sequin Lips Shirt // Hot Pink Curvy Stiletto High Heels // Hot Pink & White Rose Handbag

Hot Pink & Metallic Gold Clutch // Hot Pink Lace Up Choker // Pink Austrian Crystal Heart Necklace

Why not be RED HOT for Valentine’s Day! Here are a few fun pieces to incorporate into the wardrobe that you already have! When it comes to style, adding one unique or trendy piece can make all the difference and update your entire outfit! Score!

Red & Black Rose Pattern Sweater Dress // Black & Red Rose Handbag // Red & Black Stiletto Platform High Heels

Red Velvet Choker Necklace // Black & Red Glitter Lip Top // Red Lips w/Chain Clutch

Perhaps you have a gala to attend, maybe the opera or an event that is full on fancy?! Now you’ll be the center of attention wearing one of these unique gowns! Be the belle of the ball!

Red Trumpet Sleeve Gown // Black Lace Gown // Red & Sequin Gown // Black Sequin Mermaid Gown

Why not step into style for Valentine’s Day in a sexy pair of high heels! These unique high heels are such a statement piece that they clearly steal the spotlight!

Red & Black Peep Toe Stiletto Heels // Leopard Print Stiletto Pumps // Red High Heel Pumps // Black & Gold Studded & Spiky High Heel Pumps

Perhaps you have a hot date, night out with your boyfriend or a Girls’ Night Out! Why not try a sexy bandage / bodycon dress to spice up the night!

Pink Bodycon Midi Dress // Off Shoulder Black Dress // Foiled Red, Black & Gold Bodycon Dress // Red Bodycon Dress

If you’re in love with floral print, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to be full-on girly & express your FLOWER POWER & watch your day bloom!

Floral Red, Black & Orange Maxi Dress // Floral Off Shoulder Maxi Dress // Pink Ruffle Floral Print Bodycon Dress // Floral Midi Dress

Maybe you’ve decided to have a Girls’ Night In, an at home spa day or perhaps movie night! Why not slip into your favorite comfy pi’s and relax the night away!

Pink Pajama Set // Lace & Leopard Print Pajama Shorts Set // Pink Thermal PJ Set w/ Hearts // Pastel Pink Satin PJ Set

It’s been fun inspiring Valentine’s Day style! Now it’s time to brainstorm fun things to do on Valentine’s Day as well as gifts for Valentine’s Day…exciting! Thanks for stopping by…until next time! Right as I was about to walk away from my laptop, I spotted these hot strappy pink stiletto high heel sandals; I had to share! *SIGH!*

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Upgrade Your Style: Top 6 Marble Accessories!

Cheers to Wednesday! Have you noticed that marble accessories are popping up everywhere? I must admit, it’s quite the stylish trend. Marble has a very crisp and expensive look, which catches the eye. Plus, I love that each slab of marble is unique in its features and design. I first fell in love with marble when my mom purchased a gorgeous & very heavy large marble dining table a few years ago, it’s so unique looking and the way the table is cut is very edgy! The table is so beautiful that it looks more like a piece of art than a table to dine on! While marble is usually known to highlight various home interiors, today I’ve spotted a few ways to incorporate marble into your life in the form of accessories! I’m sure you’ll look absolutely marble-ous with these eye-catching accessories!  Haha! Enjoy!

The White Marble 3pc Hardside Spinner Luggage Set will definitely stand out from the crowd once it stylishly makes its way down the luggage carousel at the airport! I promise, you’ll spot it immediately, because you’ll be the only one with such a stylish print! The luggage is also available solo in 30′ Hardside White Marble Spinner & as a  26″ Hardside White Marble Spinner!

Why not add a bit of marble style to your laptop, it’s such a unique accessory & you’ll look stylish while online! The case & marble skin is available in a variety of sizes: Marble Pattern Rubber Coated Shell Notebook Case Skin Cover White for Macbook Pro 15″  , Marble Pattern Rubber Coated Shell Notebook Case Skin Cover for Macbook Pro 13″ or 13″ Matte Rubber Coated Soft Touch Plastic Hard Case for MacBook Air 13 inch Model A1369 and A1466 White Marble!

The iPhone 6 Case,  Snap Cover Glossy White Marble II Pattern Slim Hard Back Case will be quite the eye-catching accessory to give your conversation a bit more style appeal as you hold such a unique piece in your hand & chat away and/or as you scroll through social media!

The World Traveler Journal Faux Leather Marble Passport Holder and Luggage Tag Set is a cute gift for the jet-setter or the world traveler in your life! They’ll definitely be traveling in style & what a great way to keep your travel documents at hand!

The Eccolo World Traveler 6 x 8″ White Marble Notebook Style Journal is a perfect gift for the marble-lover to write down their thoughts, to-do list or maybe even to sketch in!

The 13′ Macbook Pro White Marble Laptop Case is a stylish way to carry your laptop as well as keep it safe & secure in all of its waterproof, weather-resistant neoprene glory! Score!

Thanks for stopping by & I’ll see you next time!

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12 Ways To Growl Into Winter Wearing Leopard Print!

Happy Monday! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! When I think back to New Year’s Eve, I realized that I was wearing a leopard print floor-lentgh dress while bowling with friends. Why not arrive wearing the unexpected if its what you want to wear. Be YOU in all that you do! Then I looked at my wallet and noticed that my wallet is also leopard print. I’m beginning to see a leopard print theme going on. Leopard print seems to be a major staple during fall and winter, the coldest months. It’s a tricky print, so you have to be sure to balance it out and let it take center stage. I’ve handpicked a few fun leopard print items to incorporate into your wardrobe and life!

The Leopard Printed Mesh Cap caught my eye, because it’s an unexpected print on a hat, which stands out and makes a style statement for a casual look! I love it! Elevate your casual day!

The Platform Faux Suede Stiletto Leopard High Heels Multi Color Pump allows you to represent your inner grrr on the high heel, yet keeping it simple in the front of the pump. Imagine stepping out and once they do a double take as you walk away, the leopard print heel is a nice surprise!

The Leopard Print V Neck Tie Waist, Side Split Empire Maxi Dress is obviously on my radar, as i absolutely love flowy dresses. There’s just something magical about a dress that flows in the wind and flows with every stride you make, it’s all about the movement! This dress is full of surprises. Not only is it a phenomenal leopard print, but it’s sweet as well as sexy at once. While tempting with the v-neck, it doesn’t show too much. As you walk, the front side split is revealed and takes the dress to a whole other level! Score!

The Rain & Sun UV Protection Wind Resistant & Water Repellent Leopard Print Umbrella is also a stunner. It’s a guaranteed standout piece amongst the many solid umbrellas that will surround you on a rainy day. Speaking of raining, it’s currently raining here at the beach, Venice Beach, while I’m snuggly warm indoors at home. If I decide to step out today, I will definitely grab one of my many colorful umbrellas, the floral one comes to mind as it’s unique mixed with tiny white polka dots. Dare to be different. Dare to stand out! The element of surprise is the many things I love about style, it’s unexpected, because you’re expressing your authentic self…YOU!

The Leopard Print Clutch Wallet is the perfect package. I love the chain detail, it makes all the difference to make this a standout edgy piece! Plus I love that it has a bit of a Rock n’ Roll look!

The Leopard Print Slim Fit Shockproof iPhone Protective Case is a winner and elevates your iPhone to the next level and it’s such a soothing print.

The Leopard Print Long Sleeve V Neck Chiffon Slim Blouse makes a great style staple when balanced out with black, since it’s such a strong print. The blouse has a bit of a loose fit, somewhat flowy, a tad bit sheer yet buttoned up, which creates a nice balance and definitely commands attention when worn.

The Raglan Long Sleeve Leopard Print Top is a great way to elevate a casual day, with the unexpected leopard print on the sleeves.

The Victoria’s Secret Leather Passport Wallet w/ Button Flap Over is a great way to secure your travel documents in a fashionable way. Why not travel in style! I have quite a variety of colorful passport holders and its fun to choose which one I’ll use during my next travels!

The PajamaGram Women’s Hoodie-Footie Leopard Print Fleece Onesie Pajamas is such a cute and cozy look. My friend recently introduced me to the brand Pajamagram when I told her that next year’s holiday theme, which my mother always selects when they family gets together for Christmas, will be the entire family dressed in the same print of pajamas! It’s quite the cute look. One year we all wore red for the holidays for Christmas, this past year, the girls in the family all had chrome nails on our family vacation. What a great way to stay comfy all day along with a fun leopard print, which is why I love this look for pajamas!

The Leopard Animal Print Luggage Tags Suitcase Carry-On ID Set of 2 will stand out as your suitcase spins around the luggage carousel at the airport. Why not take your suitcase up a notch with a statement tag, it makes all the difference. Plus, if someone has the same color as your luggage, the leopard print tag will make it easily identifiable! Score!

The American Flyer Luggage Animal Print 5 Piece Set is such a fun collection. I love the deep shade of leopard print. No one ever expects a leopard print luggage set to slide down the carousel and makes it an easy way to spot your luggage at the airport. I remember during my college days, I simply had a black luggage set. One Christmas my mom gifted me with a gift card to buy a new luggage set. At the time, I had not really thought about luggage style until I stepped into the store and saw all of the beautiful, colorful prints and colors before me. I ended up selecting a gorgeous printed luggage from DVF (Diane von Furstenberg) which totally fit my personality and style and I still have the luggage set to this day…I love it!

Cheers to a brand New Year & I’ll see you next time!

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