Showstopper: Statement Tassel Earrings!

While out shopping the other day, I noticed the cutest tassel earrings! The tassel look definitely caught my eye and seemed to be at every turn as well as in plenty of stores! When I returned home, I was inspired to find the most unique and colorful tassel earrings that I could find online & attach them to this post! Prepare to be tassled… I mean dazzled! Haha! Enjoy making a statement with these show-stopping earrings!

The Rebecca Minkoff Tassel & Pom Drama Chandelier Earrings bring the party to your ears in all of its tribal vibe glory! The earrings are incredibly dramatic and the color combination is quite unexpected, which makes them quite unique!

The Panacea Tassel Statement Hoop Earrings are a dainty pair of perfection! I love how the earring starts out as a hoop and gets festive at the bottom with the tassels in a colorful trio!

These gorgeous tassel drop earrings are definitely dramatic with embroidery at the top and well balanced with the bold cobalt color tassels! The earrings are sure to make a statement and stand out from the crowd!

The Kate Spade Tassel Statement Silk Earrings are quite the conversation starter and meant to be worn to spice up the day or a fun event that you’ll attend! They’re like a celebration for your ears with the bold color combination as well as tassel and multi-colored beading! Score!

The Mango Tassel Earrings are unique in shape and seem to inspire a second glance, it’s all about the subtle details!

The Rebecca Minkoff Gold Turquoise Geo Tassel Chandelier Earrings are a gorgeous metal and tassel combo, which inspire an otherworldly, well-traveled vibe! Suddenly India and Thailand come to mind!

These vintage statement black tassel drop dangle earrings are a both beautiful and elegant, yet allowing the tassels to bring on the fun! Haha!

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Style Dr.

Unique and Creative Mother’s Day Gifts!

Mother’s Day is next weekend and what a wonderful day it will be for Mother’s all over the world, as they deserve the praise and attention for all that they are and all that they do! I sent my Mom’s Mother’s Day card and gifts in a gift wrapped package on Monday to make sure that it arrives on time! Plus, I ALWAYS send a handwritten card! This year my gifts included a gorgeous clutch with a surprise inside, so that she can go shopping, a sparkly necklace to drape around her neck and a very creative & sparkly Papyrus greeting card! I love the idea of giving a series of gifts! My brother covered the experience part of her gift with 2 tickets to a Cirque Du Soleil performance, such a wow & fun gift! Teamwork makes the dream work! Why not celebrate your Mom’s special day by giving her a unique experience, something she loves or even just your quality time and here are a few fun ideas I came up with to help you celebrate your Mom!

  1. Crown: Remind your mom that she is the Queen, beautiful inside & out! Give her a rhinestone crown/tiara (Or a leather crown) to let her know that she rules! Why not take the extra time and complete a What I Love About Mom Fill In Love Journal to present your Mom with, so that she sees that you actually took the time to write down your thoughts! Imagine her surprise! Score!
  2. Love: Show your mom that you love her with all of your heart! Why not surprise her with diamond & rose gold heart earrings! What a unique combo!
  3. Glamour: Allow your mom to be a glamour girl in the floral kimono long robe with a pretty
    bow in the front!
  4. Sparkle & Shine: Let your mom sparkle all day long and allow her to be reminded of you each day whenever she sips from her sparkly pink rhinestone coffee / tea mug! Why not Pair the mug with her favorite tea or coffee, the perfect pair!
  5. Surprise Her: Why not give your mom a beautiful hand-painted leather butterfly wallet or pretty printed floral wristlet full of some of her favorite things! (spa gift card, favorite makeup gift card or makeup, tickets to an event or movie tickets or even candy, etc.!)
  6. Unique Sweet Scents: Why not give Mom a beautiful and luxurious Jo Malone Sweet Almond & Macaroon scented candle to breathe in the goodness and relaxation vibe! Perhaps she loves taking long & luxurious baths? Why not present her with yummy scented all natural essential oil bath bomb set. Ahhh….imagine that! Relaxation is in the air!
  7. Flowers: Send unique & gorgeous flowers! They will surely brighten Mom’s day! Instead of red roses, surprise her with the unexpected multi-color colorful floral arrangement of roses OR beautiful Stargazer Lily Bunch with the vase included!
  8. Time: Spend time with your Mom for Mother’s Day! Imagine how she’ll feel that you took the time to spend quality time with her! SCORE!
  9. Pen & Paper: Write your Mom a note to let her know how much you care and why not be specific, so that she know that you took time to write the note/letter! Fabulous!
  10. Pick Up The Phone: Actually pick up the phone and talk with your Mom! Especially if you’re in different states/countries and can’t be there in real life! Trust me, a REAL LIFE PHONE CALL will make all the difference and put a smile on her face! And if you can, book a flight and surprise your Mom for Mother’s Day…fun!!!Cheers to letting your MOM know how much you LOVE her and how much she means to you, no matter how you decide to show your love, it always the thought that counts! Happy Mother’s Day to mothers all over the world! While you are appreciated and loved each and every day, know that on Sunday, May 14th, there will be Universal Love for Mothers and YOU deserve every minute of it!Thanks for stopping by, stay stylish & I’ll see you next time!:)Style Dr.

Costume Ball Style: The Met Gala 2017 Came To Play & Slay!

As someone who absolutely loves themed parties & events, The Met Gala 2017 was a must-see for fashion! In awe of the beautiful gowns that paraded up and down the red carpet, the ones that caught my eye were reflective of a fun & playful vibe! It’s so much fun when you get a chance to dress up in some sort of a costume! Here are a few highlights of celebs that came to slay and played along with the theme of the night! Score! All Eyes On You!

Rihanna won for slaying & staying on theme of Comme des Garcons! While the look is clearly walking art, not everyday fashion, life is meant to be fun! If you have a chance to attend such a costume ball, why not have fun & go all out! Dress up & wear something outrageous and save the gorgeous & glamorous simple gowns for another event! What a colorful ensemble!

Blake Lively always looks incredibly glamorous on the red carpet!  She always radiates Hollywood Glam! It’s such a beautiful gown and I love how the details of the colorful feathers took the dress to a whole new level, such a playful, yet sexy look!

Nicki Minaj plays up her black & red stunning look with her Barbie-like confident stance! I love the high low gown, power shoulder combo & the many details! No crown needed when perfect posture & pose screams all hail the queen!

I absolutely loved Zendaya’s dramatic parrot gown, along with the gold and coral combination, it gives off the glamorous vibe & the dress structure of the renaissance, such a colorful and fun look! I love this voluminous gown and the off the shoulder look! Score!

Halle Berry looked absolutely glamorous and wore the nearly naked look the right away, with leaving a bit to the imagination and letting her shine like the golden globe that she is! Her stance shouts “No worries, I woke up like this!” The gold details rocked my world and added that extra something special to the gown! You glow girl!

Ashley Graham  slayed in a bold red & white gown with eye-catching ruffles that cascaded down her curvaceous figure with silver details to boot!

Best Hair & Makeup Faves at The Met Gala 2017! Dare To Make A Statement!

Best-Dressed Couples at The Met Gala! Glamorous & Gorgeous!

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