Call of the Wild: Showstopping Tribal Print Sandals!

Walk this way! It’s time for the call of the wild for Spring! Be bold and step into a pair of tribal sandals that don’t mind being the center of attention, it’s all about the fabulous details with every single step! Enjoy a few showstoppers that caught my eye!

These Mixed Print Tribal Sandals are rocking my world! They look like they are a well-traveled pair of unique printed showstoppers that are just screaming to be worn and have so many adventures to tell with every single step, definitely a jet-setter!

The Jessica Simpson Cobalt Blue Tribal Sandals are details of joy! How amazing is the colorful beading?! The sandal is available in Honey Brown as well as Black!

Loving these tribal print sandals with buckles! They’re a wild pair that are a magnet of style, which will attract all eyes on you! Go ahead, step into the wild!

The Katy Perry Glitter Tribal Sandals are like a party with each glittery step! They seem to scream fun & sparkles, similar to Katy Perry’s personality & wardrobe! Score!

How absolutely adorable are these Tribal Beaded Gladiator Sandals!? They will keep you walking in style wherever you go! It’s so all about the details, love it!

Why not step into a playful pair of Pom Pom, Mixed Print, Fringe, Tribal Print Sandals With Tassels! Now that’s a mouthful, so get ready to say thank you from all of the compliments you receive while wearing these conversation starters! Haha!

Walk this way! These eye-catching flat tribal gladiator sandals are a twist-ful of details that definitely stand out from the rest! Go ahead, be unique & rock your tribal style!

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Style Dr.

Splurge or Deal Face Off: Spring Into The Floral Trend!

Doesn’t it feel great to fall into Spring? Ahhh..! Spring is in full bloom and you know what that means, cheers to flower power! Let your floral prints take center stage! As the weather warms up, the floral trend is sure to brighten up your day! Now it’s time to play the fun game of Splurge or Deal! While floral print is inspiration, see if you can decide which item cost more or less…keeping in mind, style has no price! Good luck!

Floral Maxi Dresses: Blue Floral Maxi Dress or Red Floral Maxi Dress

Rompers: Blue & Red Floral Romper or Blue & Red Floral Romper

Floral Bikinis: Pink Floral Bikini Top & Bottom or Floral Bikini Top & Bottom

Floral Sandals: Pink/Green Sandal or Steve Madden Floral Sandal

Floral Chokers: Black Floral Choker or Black Colorful Floral Choker

Thanks for stopping by, stay stylish & I’ll see you next time! Cheers to Spring!

Style Dr.

Floral Maxi Dress: splurge, deal
Floral Romper: deal, splurge
Floral Bikini: splurge, deal
Floral Sandal: splurge, deal
Floral Choker: splurge, deal

How To Style Festival Looks: What To Wear To Coachella, Glamour Girl!

Festival Season is here!  Did someone say, Coachella? Yes, it’s right around the corner! Why not be the ultimate Glamour Girl and dress it up this year? You’ll definitely stand out in the crowd & at fun parties! Here are the most glam Rompers, Rock Tees, Embroidered Denim Shorts, Sandals, Booties, Dresses & Jewelry that are quite the style standouts as well as comfy to wear to glam up your festival looks! Score!

Style Notes: Why not pair a romper with edgy fringe boots, glamorous ankle wrap sandals or even cowboy boots! Of course, each item will look amazing with statement tribal necklaces or a glamorous choker necklace! Imagine a gorgeous statement cuff bracelet in gold or silver to complete the look!
Style Notes: The necklaces are just dying to be worn with a v-neck top, over a rock tee, perhaps or with a low cut dress!
Style Notes: Why not pair the shoes with cute denim shorts, a long flowy dress, a cute skirt with a slit in the front or on the side! Why not create an edgy & unexpected look by combining opposite looks!
Style Notes: Imagine taking scissors to one of the tees & making our own distressed look! Why not give the KISS tee a piercing by adding an earring to the lips! Why not make one of the tees a crop top! How about adding a pink velvet choker or pearl choker necklace with the Pink Lips KISS rock tee, super cute! How about tying up one of the tees in the back for a more fitted look!
Style Notes: Imagine pairing these cute denim shorts with a sexy bodysuit, a flowy top or a cute cropped tank or maybe even a tee! Allow the shorts to be the center of attention, because the details speak for themselves!
Bottom Row: Belt with two buckles //  Studded Belt
Style Notes: Imagine wrapping one of these gorgeous belts around a long flowy maxi dress, skirt or shirt! The belt will easily glam up a kimono romper or any romper for that matter! If you’re wearing denim shorts, why not wear a cute belt to wrap up the look!
Dresses: Two-Piece Gardenia Maxi Dress Set  //  Lace Romper Dress // Free People Pineapple Dress //  Indah Maxi Dress
Style Notes: Imagine the gorgeous belts, necklaces and sandals to style with the dresses! Go ahead, make your own style statement and let your jewelry & accessories make each item totally your style! Why not glam up each dress with pretty wrap sandals, gladiator sandals or maybe even cute studded sandals with a thick heel! Give each dress an edgy look with cute fringe booties!
Thanks for stopping by, stay stylish & I’ll see you next time! Enjoy Coachella & plenty more upcoming festivals!
Style Dr.

Inspire Style: How To Find Your Personal Style!

When it comes to style, it’s a personal choice! It’s whatever you add to fashion to make it unique to you! Style has no price, is neither right or wrong and it’s what makes you stand out from everyone else! Style is your very essence, your aura, putting a personal stamp on your look! Style is communicating to the world without words who you are…FUN! As long as you’re happy with what you’re wearing, you’re winning! Score! Here are a few tips to help you find your own unique style! Enjoy!

Clear Out The Clutter: Look at your wardrobe, find time to try each item on (it may take more than one day), if it fits good, feels good, and you love it, keep it! If it’s itchy, too big or too small, it no longer fits your style, then get rid of it. Why not donate the items to charity or sale them online and give the clothing a brand new life with its new owner! Score! Imagine how wonderful that will feel!

Express Yourself: When it comes to style, expressing yourself is key. Simply, BE YOU. No matter what the trend is, what’s “in style” or what everyone else it wearing, style is on a whole new level. Define Fashion as what you are told/given to wear, shown in stores, on the runway and online. Style is how you choose to express fashion in your own unique way.

The Cost of Style: Trust me, style has no price, it’s an individual choice, putting your personal stamp on fashion and making it yours. Whatever it is that you truly enjoy wearing and you feel amazing while wearing it, then cheers, live your life with your own style, no matter what is popular. If you want to spend more or less for an item, it’s up to you. Always keep in mind, if an item costs more than you had in mind, there is always a way to search online or in a store for a similar style for a price that fits your personal budget. In some cases, quality of the item may vary, but you can still enjoy having the “look!” Score!

Find Your Style: When finding your style, go online and start to follow someone who has a style that you feel will also look great on you.(Be sure not to copy, simply be inspired by them!) Why not flip through actual magazines and cut out or tear out an item that seems to fit your style. Why not go into a clothing store, look through the racks and select whatever catches your eye. Try on each piece in the dressing room and whatever “FEELS” the best, whichever items makes you “FEEL” beautiful while wearing it, whatever “FEELS” great against your skin, then those pieces may be best for YOU! You be the judge and in charge of how “YOU” want to express yourself. If there is a certain color that lifts your spirit, then wear it. If there is a fuzzy wuzzy fabric that feels great against your skin, then wear it. If you feel comfy in the shortest dress or the longest one, choose the one that best suits you and makes you feel like a million bucks! All in all, there truly are no real “RULES” of style. The only rule is that if “YOU” love it, then you should wear it, no matter what anyone says.

Find Style Inspiration: Browse Pinterest or Instagram to find style inspiration. Why not join newsletters of your favorite brands and stores, because they seem to reflect your style. Be the first to know of new styles, new brands, when the store is having a sale and even become inspired by new designers.

Find the Perfect Fit: Have you ever noticed someone wearing an item that they have to continually adjust, their posture seems odd while they wear it, the item looks ill-fitted; the person looks completely uncomfortable, then they are clearly not wearing something appropriate for them and it shows. I know I’ve had my moments and I have eventually given the items away to a friend, donated the item to charity or simply returned or exchanged the item for a more suitable item for me. Be in charge of how you choose to express yourself on the runway of life & most of all, be sure that it fits great! Be your own supermodel each day, because you are wearing whatever makes you happy & you scream confidence simply by being YOU! Clear out the clutter and wear items that highlight the best of you & even better, wear what feels best for you! Hold your head high, rock your own style and work the runway of life each and every day! You glow girl!

Thanks for stopping by, stay stylish & I’ll see you next time!

Style Dr.