15 Unique Ideas: What To Do On Valentine’s Day!

Happy Wednesday, Happy February & Happy Black History Month! Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is only 14 days away? Exciting! Many are wondering what to do on such a fun day! Whether you’re single or a couple, I’m here to give you a few fun suggestions to make your Valentine’s Day super fun! (Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her!)
In the past, I’ve had plenty of memorable Valentine’s Day moments that quickly came to mind with either friends, boyfriends or dates while writing this post! One Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend & I got dinner to go (In-N-Out Burger) and ate it at the Drive-In Movie Theater, unique experience; perfect! We saw Casablanca, which was a black & white movie, quite romantic! On another occasion, my date for Valentine’s Day took me out to a Peruvian restaurant for dinner, my first time eating the cuisine and I loved trying something new. Then he took me to a comedy club and we laughed the night away! On another occasion, a boyfriend and I had dinner at a Brazilian restaurant & then went to a Cabaret Show, which entertained with dancing, cool costumes and the art of the tease!

A Valentine’s date and I went to see Fifty Shades of Grey one Valentine’s Day, my suggestion and later on met up with friends for dinner, drinks & dessert! My friends were at the same theater seeing another movie! Speaking of 50 Shades of Grey, this year my date purchased advanced tickets to see the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker to see the weekend before Valentine’s Day on a Saturday night, since Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, right smack at the start of the week! Last Valentine’s Day, my date took me to dinner at a Chinese restaurant and then he took me to see the most beautiful view in Hollywood, which was my first time being at the location…amazing! I have noticed that I have a trend on going to exotic restaurants for Valentine’s Day: Peruvian, Brazilian, Chinese & of course, my favorite, In-N-Out Burger! Haha! I like what I like: grilled cheese animal style with fries are delicious, especially since that is what I was craving at the time!:)

  1. Drive-in Theater: How fun! See a movie from the past, even better in black or white or a current movie, grab a blanket, snacks & food, and enjoy snuggling up in the car! Score! (Top 12 Movie Gifts!)
  2. Spa Day: Sounds relaxing to me! Get a couple’s massage together, sip tea, have a meal and just make a relaxing day of spending time together! Score! (Top 10 Spa Gifts!)
  3. Comedy Club: Perfect! Why not laugh the night away, sounds like a fun time!
  4. Roller Skating or Ice Skating: Do something fun! Wear something comfy, bring your most comfy socks, rent a pair of skates and skate the night away at the skating rink! See, you’re thinking outside of the box and enjoying the night!
  5. Bowling: I love it! Wear whatever you like, slip into your most cozy socks, slip on a pair of bowling shoes and bowl the night away. Most bowling alleys have food, snacks and drinks if you want to eat there as well!
  6. Picnic: Naturally a picnic on the beach sounds romantic or at the park, wherever you choose!  Pick up food along the way at your favorite restaurant or bring your own homemade food and enjoy a romantic day together!
  7. Dinner & A Movie/iPic Theater: There are so many cool dine-in theaters! How fun would it be to relax, lay back in the comfy reclining seats, watch a movie & press a button to have an attendant come over to your seat & take your order! Score! (Top 12 Movie Gifts!)

  8. Go To the Theatre: Why not dress up & go see a musical!

  9. Go out to dinner at a restaurant: Why not go to your favorite restaurant or a restaurant you both have been dying to try? Yum!
  10. Amusement Park/Disneyland/DisneyWorld: Make Valentine’s Day fun! After all, Disney is known as the happiest place on earth!

  11. Museum & Dinner: Be creative on Valentine’s Day! Either go walk through a museum & allow the art to inspire you and have lunch/dinner during or after! Even better, why not go to a painting class together, sounds like fun!

  12. Vacation or Road Trip: Take to the friendly skies and go on a trip together, even a road trip sounds like a great time or even driving to another part of town sounds adventurous! A train ride even sounds like fun! (Top 10 Travel Gifts for Jet-Setters!)
  13. Stay Overnight in a hotel: How fun would it be to book a hotel room, order in and take advantage of the fun amenities and/or watch TV/movie and have a romantic night in!
  14. Go Back to wherever you had your first date: Now doesn’t that sound like fun? It may bring back fun and/or funny memories depending upon how your date went! HAHA!
  15. Spend Time Together: Perhaps you both have busy schedules and Valentine’s Day would be the perfect day to stay in and simply spend quality time together…blissful!

    Now that I’ve given you a number of fun ideas for Valentine’s Day, hopefully you can decide what truly works best for you! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Whatever you decide to do will be amazing, because it will come from the heart!
    Thanks for stopping by…until next time!
    Style Dr.