Cell Phone Gifts: Picture Perfect Lighting Accessories!

As we all know, lighting is everything, especially when you’re taking a selfie! In fact, with the holidays right around the corner, cue in Lights, Camera, Action to picture perfect photo moments! Let your inner light shine on the outside with the cell phone clip on ring light and Lumee Illuminating case! Make each image a brighter version of yourself with the perfect lighting! Be the star that you are!

selfie_ring_light_clipThe Selfie Clip On White Ring Light with a rechargeable battery for the iPhone as well as other cell phones & iPad will brighten your day with the perfect lightening! Why not make every cell phone photo picture perfect! The ring light also comes in pink as well as the color black!


The Lumee Illuminated Cell Phone Case works independently of your phone & let’s you control the lighting and comes complete with an on/off switch! Light up the night and bring in the light and let your inner beauty glow on the outside! The case also comes in a variety of colors: gold, black, hot pink, white, mint green, navy blue & rose gold!

See you next time!