Top 12 Movie Lover Gifts: Lights, Camera, Action!

Wondering what to get the movie lover in your life? Why not give a gift that turns their place into a personal home theater with all the bells and whistles of an actual movie theater! Refreshments, games, gift cards and gadgets to make their home movie ready! There are also options to send them out for a night at the theater if they enjoy getting out and about and enjoying the theater first hand! The items are also perfect gifts for someone who loves to entertain as well as host movie night! Score!

great_northern_retro_popcorn_machineThe Great Northern Retro Popcorn Machine takes you back in time & is a fun way to cook your favorite popcorn! If you want to step it up a notch, the Great Northern Popcorn Red Full Antique Popcorn Popper Machine Complete with Cart & Kettle stands tall and is ready to roll into a home theater near you! If you want to keep things light, try the Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper! How completely adorable is this Popcorn Machine Ornament?!

fandango_dinner_movie_card_movie_giftThe Fandango Dinner and a Movie Gift Card (Multi-Pack of 2) is perfect for allowing the movie-goer to select there own movie as well as eat wherever they choose…quite the perfect combo!

netflix_gift_cardThe Netflix Gift Card is the king of movie gifting! The gift of watching a wide selection of movies all year long (Or whatever amount you want to place on the gift card) whenever they please in the comfort of their own home! Score!

plastic_red_and_white_movie_night_containersThe Plastic Red & White Striped Classic Popcorn Containers for Movie Night makes movie night fun in the upright & reusable bright containers; score! How cute are the 2016 Hallmark Movie Lover popcorn gift ornament as well as the Popcorn, Soda, Candy Movie Buff Ornament? Completely adorable & perfect for the movie lover Xmas tree!

movie_time_red_box_rental_snack_giftThe Movie Time Red Box Movie Rental Snack Gift Box sends the concession stand right to the home and what a surprise it will be when this creative arrangement arrives all wrapped up inside the movie clapper…ACTION! Also, a great alternative for the healthy eater is the Dried Fruit Gift Tray as well as the Fruit Orchard Gift Basket, mouthwatering delicious! Why not add on the Old World Christmas Director’s Board Glass Blown Ornament to hang on the Christmas tree!

vhs_tape_retro_3d_dvd_pillowvhs_tape_retro_3d_dvd_pillow_backThe colorful and comfy VHS Tape Retro 3D Pillow is a great way to keep VHS alive and well, as you relax on movie night, quite the nostalgic experience! It also makes a great decoration in your home to display!

classic_movie_coffee_mugThe Classic Movie Coffee Mug is a fantastic way to display your love of movies, while you’re in the company of the greats…great quotes, that is! Drink up!

worlds_greatest_movie_buff_trivia_card_gameThe Movie Buff: World’s Greatest Movie Trivia Card Game is a great choice for game night! Gather up your friends and family and let the games begin! How cool is this Old World Christmas Popcorn Glass Blown Ornament?!

movie_lover_book_gift_1001_must_see_moviesThe 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die Book is a fantastic gift to give a movie lover! Imagine the excitement that will ensue once they start flipping through the pages all about movies! *Applause!*

The Roku Streaming Stick allows you to stream TV shows, movies, music and more, all via your home WiFi network to create your own at home movie experience! It’s also perfectly compact to take with you on the go!

pocket_video_projector_streaming_moviesThe Pocket Video Projector is perfect for streaming your favorite movies and making the experience larger than life!

mermaid_tail_adult_crochet_blanketThe Crochet Mermaid Tail Adult Blanket is a comfy way to snuggle up, relax and enjoy your favorite movie in the comfort of your in home theater…ahhh, imagine that! The blanket also comes in a number of colorful shades, take your pick!

See you next time & Happy Holidays!

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