Unraveled: Cold Shoulder Distressed Sweater Dresses & Sweaters!

Fall into style with the hot distressed sweater & sweater dress looks! Be sure not to turn a cold shoulder to the weather, as you can still keep warm with a jacket and boots to keep your legs warm! Score! Check out my favorite colors & styles of the unraveled sweater look! You’re going to fall to pieces over these cute items!
unraveled_cold_shoulder_sweater_dress_blue_pink1. Blue Cold Shoulder Unraveled Sweater Dress : I love the bold blue color! Dare to be different in this cute sweater dress!
2. Pink Cold Shoulder Unraveled Distressed Sweater Dress : I love the pretty pink color of this sweater dress, very girlie!
unraveled_distressed_sweater_cold_shoulder_dress_jumper1. Black Cold Shoulder Distressed Sweater Dress : Wear the black sweater dress for an edgy look with leggings and/or jeans and why not add a fun choker to complete the look!
2. Grey Cold Shoulder Knit Unraveled Sweater Dress : Why not make the sweater dress versatile and pair it with leggings or your favorite skinny jeans and high heels! Score! Create your own look!
3. Red Knit Distressed Unraveled Sweater Dress : Wear red to show your Christmas cheer along with a pair of leggings or your favorite skinny jeans and a pair of over the knee boots for a fun look! I have the red dress above in Mauve, Grey & Brown-Red! I love wearing the dress/top with leggings or skinny jeans & lace up high heel over-the-knee boots! In fact, I wore this look the other day while eating a delicious masala veggie bowl at a restaurant in Santa Monica, CA with a friend! In the midst of our conversation, a girl walked over to my table to tell me how my outfit was such a great look! Score!

cold_open_shoulder_knit_distressed_unraveled_sweater1. Grey Cold Shoulder Knit Unraveled Sweater is a light & sweet color, which you can add black leggings or ripped jeans for an edgier look!
2. Burgundy Cold Should Knit Unraveled Sweater is perfect for the holidays! The rich burgundy color makes quite the bold statement! Imagine the oversized sweater paired with a pair of leggings, skinny jeans or even…wait for it, be BOLD with leather pants! Imagine that!
cold_shoulder_knit_distressed_unraveled_sweater_v_neck1. Black Cold Shoulder Knit Frayed Unraveled Sweater would look great in all black look; black jeans & black over the knee boots! Also, imagine adding footwear of your choice in a bold color to make a statement as a another look!
2. Green Cold Shoulder Knit Unraveled Sweater is a warm color, perfect for fall, especially if you add a great pair of skinny jeans and/or leggings!

See you next time!

Style Dr.