Ugly Sweater 5K Charity Run: Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Happy Holidays! As you know, Ugly Christmas Sweaters have become a trend & they’re just so darn cute! In fact, I hosted an Ugly Christmas Clothing party a few years ago! I wore an ugly dress and guests wore their best to keep up with the theme! The event was an absolute blast & caused plenty of laughs in the midst of food, music & playing the White Elephant Gift Exchange game! Ready to have a little holiday fun with an exciting holiday run? Oh yes! Have you ever heard of the 5k Ugly Sweater Run? Imagine thousands of people all wearing their ugliest Christmas sweaters, while participating in a 5K Run for the love of charity (One Warm Coat)? Be sure to see when the event will be in a town near you! I’m hear to get you into gear by finding the cutest yet ugliest Christmas sweaters for any upcoming event or why not host your own party! BE the hostess with the mostest!

The Cute Red Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater is completely adorable & even has a reindeer on the back and the white details along the sleeves!
ugly_christmas_reindeer_sweaterThe Ugly Christmas Reindeer Sweater comes complete with a red 3D nose & a scarf which actually hangs off the reindeer’s neck! Haha!

christmas_tree_ugly_christmas_sweater_ligh_upThe Light Up Christmas Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater is de-light-ful, as the 4 LED lights up whenever you move, so cute! Imagine that! Go ahead, light up the day or night! Bring on the fun!

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-12-46-18-pmThe Christmas Present Ugly Christmas Sweater really lives up to it’s name, but it’s totally adorable at the same time! You can’t help but smile when you wear this or see this sweater! See, it’s ultimately wrapped up with a smile…and laughter! Score! LOL!

light_up_wreath_ugly_christmas_sweaterThe Light Up Wreath Ugly Christmas Sweater is quite the interesting color combo, but is guaranteed to light up whatever event you attend! Enjoy the spotlight! Haha!

santa_girl_hooded_sweater_ugly_sweaterThe Santa Girl Ugly Christmas Sweater is full on cuteness complete with a pom on the back of the hood! Bring on complete holiday fun and for a great cause with this sweater! Score!

Happy Holidays & See you next time!

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