12 Ways To Growl Into Winter Wearing Leopard Print!

Happy Monday! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! When I think back to New Year’s Eve, I realized that I was wearing a leopard print floor-lentgh dress while bowling with friends. Why not arrive wearing the unexpected if its what you want to wear. Be YOU in all that you do! Then I looked at my wallet and noticed that my wallet is also leopard print. I’m beginning to see a leopard print theme going on. Leopard print seems to be a major staple during fall and winter, the coldest months. It’s a tricky print, so you have to be sure to balance it out and let it take center stage. I’ve handpicked a few fun leopard print items to incorporate into your wardrobe and life!

The Leopard Printed Mesh Cap caught my eye, because it’s an unexpected print on a hat, which stands out and makes a style statement for a casual look! I love it! Elevate your casual day!

The Platform Faux Suede Stiletto Leopard High Heels Multi Color Pump allows you to represent your inner grrr on the high heel, yet keeping it simple in the front of the pump. Imagine stepping out and once they do a double take as you walk away, the leopard print heel is a nice surprise!

The Leopard Print V Neck Tie Waist, Side Split Empire Maxi Dress is obviously on my radar, as i absolutely love flowy dresses. There’s just something magical about a dress that flows in the wind and flows with every stride you make, it’s all about the movement! This dress is full of surprises. Not only is it a phenomenal leopard print, but it’s sweet as well as sexy at once. While tempting with the v-neck, it doesn’t show too much. As you walk, the front side split is revealed and takes the dress to a whole other level! Score!

The Rain & Sun UV Protection Wind Resistant & Water Repellent Leopard Print Umbrella is also a stunner. It’s a guaranteed standout piece amongst the many solid umbrellas that will surround you on a rainy day. Speaking of raining, it’s currently raining here at the beach, Venice Beach, while I’m snuggly warm indoors at home. If I decide to step out today, I will definitely grab one of my many colorful umbrellas, the floral one comes to mind as it’s unique mixed with tiny white polka dots. Dare to be different. Dare to stand out! The element of surprise is the many things I love about style, it’s unexpected, because you’re expressing your authentic self…YOU!

The Leopard Print Clutch Wallet is the perfect package. I love the chain detail, it makes all the difference to make this a standout edgy piece! Plus I love that it has a bit of a Rock n’ Roll look!

The Leopard Print Slim Fit Shockproof iPhone Protective Case is a winner and elevates your iPhone to the next level and it’s such a soothing print.

The Leopard Print Long Sleeve V Neck Chiffon Slim Blouse makes a great style staple when balanced out with black, since it’s such a strong print. The blouse has a bit of a loose fit, somewhat flowy, a tad bit sheer yet buttoned up, which creates a nice balance and definitely commands attention when worn.

The Raglan Long Sleeve Leopard Print Top is a great way to elevate a casual day, with the unexpected leopard print on the sleeves.

The Victoria’s Secret Leather Passport Wallet w/ Button Flap Over is a great way to secure your travel documents in a fashionable way. Why not travel in style! I have quite a variety of colorful passport holders and its fun to choose which one I’ll use during my next travels!

The PajamaGram Women’s Hoodie-Footie Leopard Print Fleece Onesie Pajamas is such a cute and cozy look. My friend recently introduced me to the brand Pajamagram when I told her that next year’s holiday theme, which my mother always selects when they family gets together for Christmas, will be the entire family dressed in the same print of pajamas! It’s quite the cute look. One year we all wore red for the holidays for Christmas, this past year, the girls in the family all had chrome nails on our family vacation. What a great way to stay comfy all day along with a fun leopard print, which is why I love this look for pajamas!

The Leopard Animal Print Luggage Tags Suitcase Carry-On ID Set of 2 will stand out as your suitcase spins around the luggage carousel at the airport. Why not take your suitcase up a notch with a statement tag, it makes all the difference. Plus, if someone has the same color as your luggage, the leopard print tag will make it easily identifiable! Score!

The American Flyer Luggage Animal Print 5 Piece Set is such a fun collection. I love the deep shade of leopard print. No one ever expects a leopard print luggage set to slide down the carousel and makes it an easy way to spot your luggage at the airport. I remember during my college days, I simply had a black luggage set. One Christmas my mom gifted me with a gift card to buy a new luggage set. At the time, I had not really thought about luggage style until I stepped into the store and saw all of the beautiful, colorful prints and colors before me. I ended up selecting a gorgeous printed luggage from DVF (Diane von Furstenberg) which totally fit my personality and style and I still have the luggage set to this day…I love it!

Cheers to a brand New Year & I’ll see you next time!

Style Dr.