Spring Into Style: 50 Fun Things To Do This Spring!

Happy Spring! Now that Spring is here, why not be adventurous and try something new! I have come up with 50 fun things to do this spring to get you on your way! Enjoy!

50 Things To Do This Spring:

1. Go to a drive-in theater /outdoor theater!
2. Wear a super cute choker necklace!
3. Rock a flow-y maxi dress!
4. Enjoy a day at the beach!
5. Relax and read a new book!
6. Update your wardrobe for Spring!
7. Try a new restaurant!
8. Slip on a bright bikini!
9. Slip on a fun pair of sunglasses!
10. Spring Cleaning & be sure to open the windows and breathe in the fresh air!

11. Enjoy a day at an amusement park!
12. Have a picnic!
13. Host a spring party/get-together!
14. Go to the zoo!
15. Spend the day at the museum!
16. Go Rollerskating!
17. Ride a bike!
18. Visit the farmers’ market!
19. Treat yourself to fresh flowers!
20. Wear a new spring-y perfume!

21. Smile & marvel in the idea that the weather is about to get warmer!
22. Go for a walk!
23. Visit an outdoor garden!
24. Rent your dream car & go for a ride!
25. Buy a new beach towel!
26. Go for brunch with friends/family to a restaurant and sit out on the patio!
27. Buy a pretty umbrella!
28. Try a new recipe!
29. Buy a new journal/write in a journal!
30. Create a to-do list!

31. Create a bucket list!
32. Print out some of your favorite photos and frame them or place them around your home!
33. Actually pick up the phone and talk to a friend/family member instead of texting them or contacting them online!!
34. Buy a new plant!
35. Create a list of places you want to travel to; buy a travel book!
36. Create a vision board!
37. Go to an outdoor concert!
38. Buy a book and/or take a course in person or online of your dream business or something that peaks your interest!
39. Organize the photos on your desktop and place them into folders!
40. Unsubscribe from mailing lists/Unfollow on social media anything that no longer puts a smile on your face or no longer serves you!

41. Try an acai bowl; both healthy & delicious!
42. Clear out your inbox; respond, delete and/or organize email!
43. Treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted!
44. Plan a road trip/vacation or venture out to a new part of town!
45. Buy yummy scented candles!
46. Wear one of the new spring trends!
47. Get a mani/pedi!
48. Try a bold new lip color!
49. Enjoy a moment of silence!
50. Do whatever you please, it’s Spring! BE happy!

Now that you have 50 fun things to do this spring, cheers to a happy & exciting Spring! Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your personal style & I’ll see you next time!

Style Dr.