Call of the Wild: Showstopping Tribal Print Sandals!

Walk this way! It’s time for the call of the wild for Spring! Be bold and step into a pair of tribal sandals that don’t mind being the center of attention, it’s all about the fabulous details with every single step! Enjoy a few showstoppers that caught my eye!

These Mixed Print Tribal Sandals are rocking my world! They look like they are a well-traveled pair of unique printed showstoppers that are just screaming to be worn and have so many adventures to tell with every single step, definitely a jet-setter!

The Jessica Simpson Cobalt Blue Tribal Sandals are details of joy! How amazing is the colorful beading?! The sandal is available in Honey Brown as well as Black!

Loving these tribal print sandals with buckles! They’re a wild pair that are a magnet of style, which will attract all eyes on you! Go ahead, step into the wild!

The Katy Perry Glitter Tribal Sandals are like a party with each glittery step! They seem to scream fun & sparkles, similar to Katy Perry’s personality & wardrobe! Score!

How absolutely adorable are these Tribal Beaded Gladiator Sandals!? They will keep you walking in style wherever you go! It’s so all about the details, love it!

Why not step into a playful pair of Pom Pom, Mixed Print, Fringe, Tribal Print Sandals With Tassels! Now that’s a mouthful, so get ready to say thank you from all of the compliments you receive while wearing these conversation starters! Haha!

Walk this way! These eye-catching flat tribal gladiator sandals are a twist-ful of details that definitely stand out from the rest! Go ahead, be unique & rock your tribal style!

Thanks for stopping by, stay stylish & I’ll see you next time!

Style Dr.

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