Costume Ball Style: The Met Gala 2017 Came To Play & Slay!

As someone who absolutely loves themed parties & events, The Met Gala 2017 was a must-see for fashion! In awe of the beautiful gowns that paraded up and down the red carpet, the ones that caught my eye were reflective of a fun & playful vibe! It’s so much fun when you get a chance to dress up in some sort of a costume! Here are a few highlights of celebs that came to slay and played along with the theme of the night! Score! All Eyes On You!

Rihanna won for slaying & staying on theme of Comme des Garcons! While the look is clearly walking art, not everyday fashion, life is meant to be fun! If you have a chance to attend such a costume ball, why not have fun & go all out! Dress up & wear something outrageous and save the gorgeous & glamorous simple gowns for another event! What a colorful ensemble!

Blake Lively always looks incredibly glamorous on the red carpet!  She always radiates Hollywood Glam! It’s such a beautiful gown and I love how the details of the colorful feathers took the dress to a whole new level, such a playful, yet sexy look!

Nicki Minaj plays up her black & red stunning look with her Barbie-like confident stance! I love the high low gown, power shoulder combo & the many details! No crown needed when perfect posture & pose screams all hail the queen!

I absolutely loved Zendaya’s dramatic parrot gown, along with the gold and coral combination, it gives off the glamorous vibe & the dress structure of the renaissance, such a colorful and fun look! I love this voluminous gown and the off the shoulder look! Score!

Halle Berry looked absolutely glamorous and wore the nearly naked look the right away, with leaving a bit to the imagination and letting her shine like the golden globe that she is! Her stance shouts “No worries, I woke up like this!” The gold details rocked my world and added that extra something special to the gown! You glow girl!

Ashley Graham  slayed in a bold red & white gown with eye-catching ruffles that cascaded down her curvaceous figure with silver details to boot!

Best Hair & Makeup Faves at The Met Gala 2017! Dare To Make A Statement!

Best-Dressed Couples at The Met Gala! Glamorous & Gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by, stay stylish & I’ll see you next time!

Style Dr.

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