Party Time: Fun & Unique Hostess Gift Ideas!

Cheers to the holidays! Don’t you just love the festive holiday season? Parties galore and as someone who is known for hosting a number of parties each year, I know the importance of simply being around your true friends and family members and having a great time, while laughing and celebrating the holidays and/or special occasions together! I can always appreciate a great party, as it brings everyone together, so much fun! The whole experience is priceless! I feel grateful as I think back to the fun hostess gifts I’ve received over the years: a cupcake stand, a unique piece of jewelry, a handbag a friend gifted me from her travels, wine, candles, homemade dessert, and the list goes on…always a nice surprise!

As for me, last Christmas I hosted my annual Beach House Christmas Party, and my most memorable and one of my favorite gifts of all was the surprise of a friend handing me a large pastel pink cake box with gold writing… I knew what it was right away & I nearly screamed with joy! She gifted me with an Bottega Louie Vanilla Raspberry Grand Macaron, so delicious! I’m always amazed by all of the homemade food my friends and family tend to bring to my parties! When one has chefs and friends who enjoy cooking as close friends, the treats are sure to be divine! I’ve also gifted hosts & hostesses with cupcakes, gifts from my travels, piece of jewelry, personalized cakes (Always in a cake box, presentation is everything!), an oversized wine glass, a crown and other fun gifts! One of my favorite gifts to bring is dessert!

While food & drink are key to parties, I’ve hand-selected a few fun hostess gifts to bring along to any party you may attend soon, especially since the holidays are filled with invites to spectacular parties! I have looked for unique gifts beyond food to share with the party host/hostess to show your appreciation! Note: think of something your host/hostess enjoys, loves, talks about often, their hobbies, their personality and select a gift! A great gift has no price and it’s all about the details! Remember, it’s always the thought that counts! I’m sure to always arrive at a party with a gift in hand, it’s always a nice gesture! Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

thomas_paul_melamine_metamorphis_butterfly_side_platesThe Thomas Paul Melamine Metamorphosis Side Plates – Set of 4 is a gorgeous gift with a beautiful & colorful butterfly on each plate! Imagine serving desserts on these plates!

king_queen_wine_glass_setThe King and Queen 12.75 oz. Wine Glass Set is a cute set to give to a couple hosting a holiday party! I also thought that the King Beer & Queen Wine Glass Set was quite funny & unique! See more wine lover gifts here!

heart_shaped_cake_pasty_cutter_knife_setThe 2 Piece Heart-Shaped Cake & Knife/ Pastry Server is brilliant and an unexpected shape!

hostess_gift_red_sequin_high_heel_wine_bottle_holderThe Wild Eye High Heel Bottle Holder, Red Sequins is glamorous and a great way to bring a bottle of wine as well as sparkle to a party!

terracotta_plate_star_design_hand_painted_spainThe Terracotta Plate – Star Design (11″) – Hand Painted in Spain is unique and a vibrant way to display food!

himalayan_pink_salt_shot_glasses_set_4The Himalayan Pink Salt Shot Glasses -Tequila Shot Glasses are quite the conversation piece!

gray_malin_beaches_hardcover_coffee_table_bookThe Gray Malin Beaches Hardcover Coffee Table Book is for the beach lover! Gray Malin’s aerial photographs of beaches around the world are shot from doorless helicopters…amazing! The super cute sand dollar beverage coasters is also a beach-lover’s dream come true as well!

artisan_d_orient_oval_gold_bowlThe Artisan d’Orient 8″ Oval Bowl, Color – Gold is elegant and handmade from cast aluminum and finished with food safe enamel coating!

leather_silk_gold_crownThe Leather Gold Crown with silk interior makes a fun gift! I once gave a crown as a gift to a friend & he wore it the entire night; the crown was in each photo he took throughout the party…fun photos! The leather crown is also available in white, pink, red and black!

agate_coaster_setThe Stone Crystal Gemstone Agate Beverage Coasters for Drinks Gift Set of 4 are a great way to highlight beverages and quite the conversation starters! The colors are so beautiful & vibrant!


Why not give the hostess a unique pair of earrings, like these brass hoop earrings with hand dyed linen fringe and 14k gold filled ear wires! It’s the element of surprise that makes all the difference, definitely an unexpected gift! Maybe even wrap up a unique necklace!

yankee_candle_cable_sweater_tote_gift_setThe Yankee Candle Cabled Sweater Tote Gift Set is too cute for words, it’s a full-on relaxation gift set and makes you feel cozy & warm! I personally love getting scented candles as gifts, they’re one of my favorite gifts to receive, since I absolutely love candles!

3_tier_porcelain_cupcake_stand_dessert_stand_hostess_giftThe Pink & Gold 3-tier Porcelain Cake Stand/ Cupcake Stand/ Dessert Stand makes a pretty in pink phenomenal gift! I once received a cupcake stand as a gift & was completely excited, so cute! I was able to use the gift right away, as I loaded up the cake stand with cupcakes! Score! I always find that a gift that you can use right away at the party makes a phenomenal gift!

knock_knock_bathroom_guest_bookThe Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book is a fun gift! I once gave the book to a friend and she nearly laughed nonstop! Score! The Knock Knock Car Guest Book is a perfect gift for your amazing Uber or Lyft driver! Imagine that!

high_heel_shoes_hanbag_christmas_ornamentsWhy not spread holiday cheer for your glamorous hostess and get her gorgeous & fashionable high heel ornaments (Kurt Adler / Set of 6) & perhaps a glittery handbag & high heel ornament set! She’ll nearly scream with joy! My friend has the most glamorous tree, so I though a pair of high heels would make a great addition, plus, it’s such a fun & super girlie gift!

pumpkin_spice_christmas_mug_and-_tea_setThe Pumpkin Spice Christmas Gift Mug & Box of Pumpkin Spice Tea Set will make a delicious mouthwatering treat, such a cute set!

v_is_for_vegan_cookbook_kerstin_rodgersThe V is for Vegan Cookbook is filled with delicious vegan recipes and pages of vibrant photos of mouthwatering dishes!

tapas_salad_dessert_plate_set_hostess_giftThe Tapas Salad/Dessert Plate, 8.75-Inch, Assorted Designs, Set of 4 is a vibrant set to give, which will highlight whatever is on the plate and make the eating experience even more enjoyable, because the plate are so beautiful!

silky_toes_ballet_roll_up_slipper_shoesWhile a hostess with the mostest usually has on an amazing pair of heels at the party, at some point, she’s going to want to slip into something a little less high; surprise her with the gift of comfort…Foldable Portable Travel Ballet Flat Roll Up Slipper Shoes with Matching Carrying Pouch! She will love you for thinking of such a great idea and gift! The Women Metallic Leatherette Bow Tie Perforated Ballet Flat – Gold is just as adorable!

Now that you have numerous gifts in mind for the next party you attend, be sure to follow up with a thank-you note, text, email, phone call…trust me, it makes all the difference! I keep a number of thank-you cards on hand to send immediately after I attend a party! One of my neighbors was shocked and amazed when she received my thank-you note. She called me right away and said that she posted the card onto her board! She was surprised and said that she had not received a thank-you note in ages and she truly appreciated the thought, because no one thinks to send a handwritten thank-you card anymore! Score! So as you can see, a thank-you note also makes a memorable gift as well to express gratitude!

Happy Holidays & I’ll see you next time!

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